pic_sidingSpecializing in residential siding installation DunWell Restorations is committed to providing quality siding to customers in New Jersey. DunWell offers the finest aluminum and vinyl siding available. Both, our aluminum and vinyl siding, will provide weather damage protection and keep your house looking amazing. Our vinyl siding contractors install thick and durable siding in a variety of colors while our aluminum siding contractors install easily maintainable and more naturally insulating siding. You may be in need of siding repair, but outdated siding isn't always easy to spot. The siding becomes warped and can damage the house if not replaced or restored. When old siding is left to rot water can seep through the walls, indoor paint and wallpaper can peel, and mold can accumulate. Dunwell Restoration can replace your outdated siding and leave your house looking brand new. Our team will quickly and efficiently install siding in accordance with your wants and needs. Our prices are very reasonable and depend on a variety of styles, colors, and trims that you can choose from below. We also offer vinyl siding insulation to keep your house warm through the freezing winter months. Whatever type  you are looking for, just know that Dun Well siding will be able to assist you. Whether you're looking to enhance the look of your house, increase its resale value or perform repairs, our qualified and experienced house siding contractors will help you figure out the best option for you with siding prices to fit your needs and budget. Why go with any other company when DunWell is one of the best siding contractors in the business?




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 We install siding in a wide variety of styles, colors and trims, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brick
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Durock
  • Engineered or Composite Wood
  • HardiPlank and HardiPanel
  • Seamless Steel
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
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FAQ for Siding Services

What is vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is the most commonly used siding option today. Modern vinyl siding is comprised of two layers, both made of polyvinyl chloride and resin- the top 'capstock' and the bottom 'substrate'. The capstock uses titanium dioxide for both coloration and protection against UV damage. The substrate contains limestone, to reduce cost and facilitate the manufacturing process. Our siding contractors are experts in the field of vinyl siding installation, and will leave you with a smile on your face everytime you return home. Vinyl siding installation prices will always vary from job to job, but with Dun Well we will always provide the highest quality work for the best value.

Does vinyl siding require much maintenance?

Vinyl siding requires surprisingly little upkeep mainly it should be washed once a year. It never needs to be painted, and if it's damaged it can be easily replaced. Dun Well will repair vinyl siding when needed, but our excellent installation will not require this service to be needed often.

Is vinyl siding durable and weather resistant?

Vinyl siding is resistant to heat, cold, moisture, and is certified to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. It is manufactured to last.

How much does vinyl siding cost?

Cost of a siding project depends on many variables, but generally speaking vinyl siding is the most cost effective siding option on the market. Labor costs are also lower when you choose vinyl siding because it's so easily installed and needs no painting.

What is insulated siding?

Insulated siding is basically vinyl siding that includes rigid foam insulation that is laminated or permanently attached to the panel. It is installed on the outside of your home and helps reduce energy loss.

Does insulated siding make a home more 'green'?

Yes, insulated siding may be used to make a home more eco-friendly. Developers describe it as 'green building'- by reducing energy consumption, insulated siding reduces air pollution. Some products contain an organic non-toxic insect and termite repellant. It's also really breathable; moisture escapes easily, protecting wood from mildew, rot, and mold, and keeping indoor air cleaner and healthier.

What does it cost to install insulated siding?

Each home siding project is different so prices will vary, but on average insulated vinyl siding will cost 20-30% more per square foot than traditional vinyl siding. The higher the grade of siding, the more colors, styles, and options are available.

Is insulated siding more durable than traditional vinyl siding?

Much like traditional vinyl siding, insulated siding also needs little to no maintenance, and never needs to be painted. Because of the rigid foam layer, it can be set symetrically which prevents buckling in the joints.

What is cedar siding?

Cedar siding is most commonly cut from the Western Red Cedar. It has dimensional stability, so it can retain its shape while also taking to nailing and staining well. Western Cedar will keep warmth in during the cold months, and keep you cool in the summer.

Is cedar siding expensive?

It is considered to have a mid-to-high cost range. There is maintenance required, which should also be taken into account when determining the overall long term costs.

How long will my cedar siding last?

If properly maintained, it can last many years. Cedar siding stands tough against the elements. Some manufacturers can offer warantees of over 25 years. If the finish coat is applied correctly, it will allow your cedar siding to last for decades. Avoid having cedar shingles touch the ground, as this can shorten the wood's life span.

How much maintenance is involved with cedar shingles?

It is recommended that you wash with a low pressure washer to remove dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other particles. Cedar also requires staining every few years. Luckily, determining when this is needed is easy - how well the siding has weathered the elements determines how often you should re-stain. Moisture is the most common cause of damage to cedar shingles. It is recommended that you inspect your cedar siding regularly and make minor repairs to reduce moisture damage.



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